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Livio Gravini & the Free Spirit Society

Livio Gravini & the Free Spirit Society

"Make the Music" CD Campaign! 


GOAL $8000 


Cash Donations $406

James Maciag $40 

Wayne Briggs $40 

Kathy Dowler $20

Betty McCabe $40

Randy Greenia $50

Tania Fuller $30

Ernie Hadley $50

Dawn & Gary Schecter $50

Andrew Gurney $50 

Tom & Donna Scott $100

Silvana Gravini $100

Tim Dunn $40

Jamie Shean $100

Don & Cheri Bromley $100

Peg Thomas $100

Mr & Mrs Mozeleski $40

Gary Comstock $100

Bob Thetreault $40

Mark Gouin $40

Staci Anne Bruneau $40

Lisa & Seth Matteson $30

Laura & Oleg Anisimova $100

Matt Greenia $50

Bob Allen $100

Terry & Julia Clark $50

Lynne Wolak $40

Steve Werley $100

Diane Dubuque & David Gustafson $50

Sue White Cameron $20

Edward Goss $50

Paul Forrest Davis $3,800

Richie Sky (Dezu Colors) $20

Robert Anders $40

Jeff Vandeberghe $20

The Gibas Family $20

Walter Quigley $40

Tom & Donna Scott $20

Dan Kelly $100

David Lemay $20

Livio Gravini and the Free Spirit Society” is ready to produce and record their 3rd CD. The debut, and “second time around” CD’s were very successful and filled with many emotional and inspiring moments. And, with two more years of performing, and closely working together, The Free Spirit Society are more than ready to unleash the next batch of classic rock infused music. The debut, and “second time around” CD’s were completed only through “fan funding”. We need our fans, friends, and families to pre/purchase the CD for us to be able to raise the money to produce it. It’s as simple as that. We also have perks, such as t/shirts, and other promotional packages available to purchase, that will also help raise the money to record the new music. So, pre/order your CD, and/or perks, because Livio Gravini and the Free Spirit Society will surely deliver the finest music that can be found anywhere in the world ... and that’s a promise!!!

With your help WE CAN MAKE THE MUSIC!!!"


T-Shirt, CD & Free Download
  • T-Shirt, CD & Free Download

T-Shirt, CD & Free Download


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Thank you for Pre-ordering your T-shirt & CD with FREE Download! The Free Spirit Society is truly grateful for your support! THANK YOU!

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Thank you for your donation and support!!! Every penny is needed to help with studio and production costs!! THE FREE SPIRIT SOCIETY IS VERY GRATEFUL!!! This next CD is gonna ROCK!!!!

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